Daisy Cruz was born in a small town of Yauco, Puerto Rico on November 21,1967. She is a daughter, mother of four children’s, wife, media personality and family advocate. In 1990 she began her career as a television producer and radio personality, in Cleveland, OH. In 2006 she began a Media Productions Group in Yonkers New York. Through this programs she hopes to utilize her production and communications skills to help others by empowering and promoting the welfare of children, teens and woman’s in need. In addition, she uses her social media voice to promote healthy living and helps others overcome difficult areas in their lives, by strengthening their faith. Mrs. Cruz is presently the Regional Director of L.A.C.A, Latin American Chaplain Association for Westchester County. Furthermore, she helps and supports women overcome depression. Daisy is also a certified media consultant and certified public access producer for Bronxnet, which is located in the Bronx. Through her productions, she is able to shed light on everything she does for the community. At this present time, she is currently producing her own television program called “Tell Me Your Story”. While at her set, guest are invited to give their testimony about their life experiences. Daisy Cruz is a family advocate for the Hispanic community in a program called Respite, by Lifespire. Lifespire is an agency that provides programs for autistic children and assists families obtain information necessary on how to properly manage their care. Mrs. Cruz’s mission is to inform and educate others to live a healthier life, and to provide information on how to deal with the unforeseeable circumstances that life may put you through.  Mrs. Cruz is also a Public Relations for CAC Investment Strategies Company